Maximite Colour (Part 3)

As mentioned in the previous Maximite Colour post, the screen works, but is extremely dim. It's dim to the point where if the room is well lit, you can't see anything on the screen, but it's there. I was able to connect to the system on the serial console (baud 9600), and the base system worked, so I definitely screwed something up along the line of the display.

After studying/deciphering the electronics diagram (below) and tracing paths on the board, I think I had figured out what stuff to look at. I also again read a “basic electronics” document that came with the board. Double checking that, I realised that diodes actually have poles.

electronics diagram (diagram from Geoff's main Maximite Site)

I had two of the three VGA-based diodes placed incorrectly, as well as another one that does.. no idea. I learned how to unsolder, although I'm not great on it, and then soldered stuff properly. Powered it back on and...... same result.

The work continues.